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Chef's Special From the Kitchen
1. King of the Sea:  Lobster, shrimp, scallop & veg. W. butter favor lemon sauce. 25.00
2. Ebi Beef:  Thinly sliced perfect quality steak roll w. jumbo shrimp, than surrounding w. fresh sugar snap peas & mushroom. Itís soft & succulent. 17.00
3. Filet Mignon:
  Hers is Asian twist on an American classics. We take 8 oz. piece of grain fed Midwest filet beef & seared it just the way you want it to perfection in a very special black pepper red wines sauce.
4. Seafood Moto:  Take a beautiful piece of salmon filet pan roasted w. just salt, butter pepper, topped w. scallop & shrimp in a delitn mayo, shitaki mushroom. Baked it to golden color. 19.00
5. Florida Meets Japan:
  Crispy jumbo golf shrimp & scallops surrounding Asian pan fried spinach, asparagus served in a delicious seafood creamy sauce.
6. Crispy Red Snapper:
  Beautiful piece of red snapper filet pan fried to golden brown a general coating of snow peas, mushroom, baby corn, green pepper in spicy sweet sour sauce.


Chef's Special Sushi Roll
1. Double Dragon:
  Lobster tail tempura ,cucumber ,top with Lobster salad , little spicy sause .
2. Hungry Eel:
  Lobster salad ,spicy kani ,sweet potato ,crunchy inside , whole eel on top .
3. Fancy Lobster Roll:  Lobster ,mango ,cheese ,top with eel &avocado. 14.95
4. Bomb Samon Roll:  Shrimp tempura inside ,sear salmon on top with spicy mayo. 11.95
5. Green River:  Shrimp tempura ,cheese inside, spicy tuna ,mango ,avocado fish roe on top. 13.95
6. White Tiger:
  Spicy crunchy scallops ,spicy salmon top with sear super white tuna avocado.
7. Sunset BLVD:
  Spicy tuna ,spicy salmon ,spicy yellowtail ,avocado,masago wrap with soybean sheet.
8. Flaming volcano:
  spicy blacken white tuna ,asparagus ,inside ,spicy tuna ,avocado snowcrab on top


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